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Nondlela Milodzo

I have had the honour and privilege to attend a virtual Data Governance training organised by IBP. As someone who is fairly new into the Data Governance space, I found the training to be very informative and highly engaging. The trainer was always very organised and professional in fact, it did not feel like the training was virtual, instead it felt like a face-to-face training set-up, by the level of engagement experienced. I would highly recommend this training to every information professional, and anyone whose looking at setting up their Data Governance structure /strategy in their working environment, and anyone who’s a start-up and looking to implementing Data Governance. The approach was very practical and excellent, from the fundamentals and to providing all the necessary tools.

Nondlela Milodzo (Records Manager), KPMG

Veronica Diesel

I really enjoyed the course. I am not a Data Quality practitioner, and therefore had a lot to learn. This course not only lays good foundations, but gives instruction on how, when and why to perform the relevant activities. Di illustrates everything with relevant and topical analogies and examples: clean water, and the current COVID-19 statistics. She also adds real stories from her many years of experience, which give extra life to the topic being explained, and her passion for Data Quality is infectious.

Veronica Diesel (Director of Education), DAMA

Kele Kaibe

The IBP Trainer is great in their delivery of the workshop and their explanation of the content is easily understandable. The IBP Trainer's expertise in the field is evident in their delivery and application with examples. In addition, their practical examples to real scenarios is exceptional.

Kele Kaibe (Assistant Director), ICT Services

Thabo Samuel Tsotetsi

I have gained so much information from this course, hope to utilize it not only at work but at every aspect of my life. I really appreciate the Facilitator for going the extra mile for the presentation.

Thabo Samuel Tsotetsi (Senior Inspector), PPECB

Shane Rinquest

I initially had concerns about attending a virtual workshop. This was the first time I attended such one. However I was impressed by how smoothly and efficiently it went. Credit must go to Di and Joe for managing to facilitate this virtual workshop. They presented in a very proficient manner. I learnt new concepts and it will definitely add value to my new role as a Data Steward.

Shane Rinquest (Data Steward), Old Mutual

Lynne Dreyden

Day 4 was interesting the Data Storytelling and communication. I also like Data Governance, Data quality; Data Lifecyle and Data Science. The entire Analysis process interests me because of the ability to probe questions, to engage and obtain the views of others resulting in the ability to be able to always create and think out of the box is what stimulates me.

Lynne Dreyden (ICT Service Delivery Coordinator), PPECB

Sazi Mgobhozi

Thank you for thoroughly and patiently explaining difficult concepts in a simple language.

Sazi Mgobhozi (Lead Assessor), PPECB

Sardha Moodley

Great examples and analogies. And wonderful visual presentation especially with respect to where we were in terms of the training.

Sardha Moodley (Chief Inspector), PPECB

Loraine de Swardt

Thank you Di, for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. It takes a brilliant presenter to get people glued to their seats for 3 consecutive days 😊

Loraine de Swardt (Manager: Business Process Improvement), FSCA

Dries Kotze

A short, punchy course to equip participants in their understanding of how to identify and quantify the underlying symptoms that highlight poor data quality, in order to develop a practical action plan to address those issues in a controlled and repeatable way in their respective organisations.

Dries Kotze (Data Quality & Process Team Lead), Shoprite

Vedaanta Devar

The workshop exceeded my expectations. The workshop was carried out exceptionally well. I did not expect to enjoy it but the concepts were very relevant to our everyday work. I was also able to follow the pace. The workshop was run very well by the instructor. The breakaway exercises also helped me to understand the logic behind the theory better.

Vedaanta Devar (Intern), Altron People Solutions

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