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Data Literacy - Foundation

Data Literacy Fundamentals

Data Literacy is not just a skill; it is the foundation for informed decision-making and transformative insights. Data Literacy is a key skill that empowers one to work effectively with Data and enables one to read, analyse, and communicate with Data, asking the right questions and making better decisions. Being Data Literate helps to unleash the true power of Data. In today’s data-driven world, every organisation will benefit from empowering their employees to become Data Literate.

What is Data Literacy?

Gartner defines Data Literacy as "Having the ability to read, write and communicate data in context, including an understanding of data sources and constructs, analytical methods and techniques applied, and the ability to describe the use case, application and resulting value."

Forbes describes Data Literacy as "Using data effectively for business actions and outcomes."

Practically speaking, Data Literacy is all about enabling users to understand what Data is available to them, how they should use it in order to operate both effectively and efficiently, and then how to report their outputs.

Course Overview

This Practitioner's Course is for anyone who works with Data. Delegates will gain an understanding of the fundamental elements of Data and Data Management and the concepts they need to know. They will learn how to use Data effectively, how to analyse and interpret it correctly and how to work with it in a structured and consistent manner, ensuring that all resources speak the same language and can communicate well when it comes to Data.

This Course consists of 4 high-level modules:

  • The Data Terms
    • Data Literacy
    • Data, Information, Knowledge & Wisdom
    • Data Disciplines and Frameworks
    • Data Roles & Responsibilities
    • Data Challenges
  • The Data Concepts
    • Types of Data – structured, unstructured and the Data Hierarchy
    • Data Lifecycle, Data Lineage, and Data Dimensions
    • Data Management Concepts
  • Using the Data
    • Data Analysis Techniques
    • Data Interpretation Techniques
  • Talking the Language
    • Data Visualisation
    • Statistics
    • Data Communication.
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Course type

Classroom & Virtual


4 days

Course dates

6 - 9 May
19 - 22 Aug
7 - 10 Oct

What Delegates have to say

“I have gained so much information from this course, hope to utilize it not only at work but at every aspect of my life. I really appreciate the Facilitator for going the extra mile for the presentation.”   Thabo Samuel Tsotetsi

"Thank you for thoroughly and patiently explaining difficult concepts in a simple language."    Sazi Mgobhozi

“Day 4 was interesting the Data Storytelling and communication. I also like Data Governance, Data quality; Data Lifecyle and Data Science. The entire Analysis process interests me because of the ability to probe questions, to engage and obtain the views of others resulting in the ability to be able to always create and think out of the box is what stimulates me.”   Lynne Dreyden

“Great examples and analogies. And wonderful visual presentation especially with respect to where we were in terms of the training.”    Sardha Moodley

Learning outcomes

After attending this course, delegates will have the:

  • Understanding of the Terms and Concepts of Data and the fundamental
    elements of Data Management
  • Skills and knowledge to:
    • Analyse Data
    • Correctly interpret Data Findings
    • Communicate results effectively
  • Ability to understand and communicate precisely, confidently, and
    professionally with respect to Data.

* A certificate of attendance will be provided on completion of the course

Intended participants

This course will be of interest to anyone working with data.

It will be especially useful to:

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • BI Analysts

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