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Data Management Fundamentals for Practitioners

Data Management for Practitioners  (CDMP Prep)

"A practical course that will provide you with a thorough overview of DAMA DMBOK and prepare you for the CDMP Fundamentals Exam"

Have you completed your preparatory training and development in the Data Management space? Are you ready to write the CDMP Exam? Let us help you prepare.

"Attend our practical course that will provide you with a thorough view of DAMA DMBoK and help prepare you for the CDMP Fundamentals Exam."

Have you struggled to work through the DAMA DMBoK?

DAMA DMBoK V2 consists of almost 600 pages packed full of Data related facts. This course provides an overview of the Book in a way that makes the material easier to understand and apply.

The Course covers all Knowledge Areas of DAMA DMBoK V2 in a way that ensures the attendees understand the content of the material and the relationships between the Knowledge Areas.

The instructor is enthusiastic and passionate about all aspects of Data Management and is an experienced CDMP certified professional.

This Course will cover the following topics:

  • Guide you to navigate the DMBoK so that you can study more effectively
  • Assist you to learn the contents of the DMBoK
  • Enable you to:
    • Understand the bigger picture of Data Management
    • Understand how the different aspects of the ‘wheel’ relate to each other
    • Prepare you to pass the DAMA CDMP Fundamentals exam
  • All Knowledge Areas of the DAMA DMBoK wheel and
    • Data Handling Ethics
    • Big Data and Data Science
    • Data Management Maturity Assessment
    • Data Management and Organisational Change Management
  • Encourage you to dig deeper, explore, research, and grow your Data Management skills
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Course type

Classroom & Virtual


4 days

Course dates

16 - 25 July (Half Days)

What Delegates have to say

"The IBP Trainer is great in their delivery of the course and their explanation of the content is easily understandable. The IBP Trainer's expertise in the field is evident in their delivery and application with examples. In addition, their practical examples to real scenarios is exceptional."   Kele Kaibe

Learning outcomes

  • After attending this course, delegates will:
    • Have a really good understanding of all Knowledge Areas covered in DAMA DMBoK V2
    • Be able to easily navigate the DMBoK
    • Be prepared to write the DAMA CDMP Fundamentals Exam

* A certificate of attendance will be provided on completion of the course

Intended participants

This course is aimed at Data Management Professionals eager to grow and formalise their Data Management qualifications.

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