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Training Introduction to Data Management

Introduction to Data Management

In today’s data-driven world, effective Data Management is crucial for organisations to succeed and stay ahead of competitors. All Executives and Managers need to understand the concepts, activities and the outcomes required to achieve the strategic goals of Digital Transformation and enable a Data-Driven organisation.

Seminar Overview

This course provides an overview of Data Management and explores the key aspects required to drive solutions and improve Data Management Maturity. Delegates will walk away with an understanding of the Terms and Concepts and an appreciation for what is required from them in order to harness the power of Data.

The Seminar covers the following aspects of Data Management

  • Terms used in Data Management
  • Data Types and Dimensions
  • Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom
  • The Data Life Cycle and Data Lineage
  • Disciplines that make up Data Management
  • Data Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • The costs and risks of not managing Data
  • How Data Quality impacts business, applications, and reporting systems
  • Why some Data is more important than other Data – Critical Data
  • Understanding Data Management metrics and thresholds
  • How Root Cause Analysis influences Data Management
  • The important role of Data Governance
  • Data Protection and Ethics
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • What is required to improve Data Management Maturity.
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Seminar type

Classroom & Virtual


1/2 day

Seminar dates

On request

Learning outcomes

Delegates will:

  • Acquire a good understanding of Data Managements principles, practices and technologies
  • Acquire the know-how to manage data effectively within organisations, to create value and prevent issues
  • Understand what is required to enable informed decisions to drive innovation and enhance overall business performance.

* A certificate of attendance will be provided on completion of the seminar

Intended participants

This course will be of interest to:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Data Owners
  • Business & IT Professionals who want to gain a understanding of Data Management.

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