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The Role of a Data Champion

Workshop Overview

This workshop focuses on the role of a Data Champion, why it is important, and what it entails. You will gain a better understanding of what is required to be a successful Data Champion and learn what you can do, to help your organisation strengthen its Data Culture and unlock the value of Data Assets.

Data Champions – who are they and why does it matter?

Data Champions can be appointed Data Owners or Data Stewards with specified roles and responsibilities in respect of Data Management, or they can be people in other roles within the organisation who are passionate about using Data effectively and getting the most out of it.

Data Champions are usually Subject-Matter Experts who have a good understanding of a particular area of the organisation’s Data. They are usually in a position to help and guide others in gathering the Data, understanding it and working to get the most out of it. Data Champions promote Data Best-Practices across the organisation.

Nowadays some of the most high-potential employees are those with strong Data Skills and a desire to share them with others. Data Champions have proven themselves to be essential in an organisation’s journey to becoming Data-Driven.

Who is a Data Champion?

  • A business professional who is a Subject Matter Expert and has a good
    understanding of the Data in their Data Domain.
  • A person who has strong knowledge and skills in how best to use Data.
  • A Data Champion is someone who is passionate about the Data.

The Workshop will cover the following elements

    • Data Champion Role Description:
      • Why do we need Data Champions?
      • What does a Data Champion need to know?
      • What skills should a Data Champion have?
      • What can Data Champions do to increase their knowledge?
    • What does a Data Champion do on a typical day?
      • Understanding Data
      • Analysing Data
      • Communicating via Data
      • Monitoring Data
      • Improving Data
      • Resolving Data issues
    • Practical exercises to help you become a successful Data Champion:
      • How to communicate more effectively through Data
      • How to get others to appreciate what can be done with Data
      • What to be aware of when assisting others to do more with their Data
      • How to create more interest in Data Management.
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4 days

Course dates

To be arranged

Learning outcomes

By attending this workshop, delegates will gain a profound appreciation of the pivotal role of a Data Champion and its significance in today's data-driven world. They will have a good understanding of the important terms and concepts to use when communicating with Data. They will know how best to analyse and interpret Data to unlock its true potential.

Delegates will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required to assist effectively in all areas of Data Management. Moreover, they will have an opportunity to participate in practical exercises designed to help them become successful Data Champions, empowering them to walk the talk.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your Data Management skills and become an invaluable asset to your organisation!

* A certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of the workshop

Intended participants

This is an ideal workshop for all Data Champions.

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